FINCA Microfinance Bank promotes financial inclusion by offering a suite of products that will enable low income entrepreneurs access financial services to grow their businesses, build assets and improve their standard of living.


FINCA eXpress

FINCA Services now closer to you.Enjoy secured access to financial services with FINCA eXpress


Individual Loan

Our individual loan offers financial solution to entrepreneurs to enable them achieve their financial business goals

Group Loan

The growth of your business should not be constrained by lack of capital or collateral. We will assist you to grow your business to greater heights

School Improvement Loan

School Improvement Loan is an education credit facility that is meant for private school proprietors to enable them provide quality education through acquisition of education related assets or increase their working capital.

School Fees Loan

School Fees loan is a credit facility for parents and guardians to access for the prompt payment of school fees of their children.

Small Enterprise Loan

Small Enterprise Loan is for business owners to access for the growth and development of their business. This loan is easily accessible as long as the business is viable and been in existence for more than a year. The loan can be used to augment working capital, expand the business, acquire assets or purchase raw materials or goods.


Fixed Deposit Account

This account provides you with an opportunity to earn attractive interests on your savings.

Classic Savings Account

FINCA Classic Savings Account is an account that gives you access to your financial goals.Whether you want to save towards a specific project, family needs or you just want to set some money aside, this account is the best product for you.

Easy Saver Account

FINCA Easy Saver Account is an account suitable to enhance financial inclusion, permitting individuals with minimal forms of identification while enjoying all the value added services.Save the easy way

FINCA Corporate Account

An account that enables FINCA to facilitate your business transactions

Freedom Savings Account

Freedom savings account is a savings account for trademaster & Ogas and Oga madam to manage their relationship with their apprentice and save towards the apprentice settlement at the end of the apprenticeship period. The account gives the Ogas the opportunity also to empower the next army of Nigerian entrepreneurs.

FINCA EDUsave Savings Account

Be your children's hero by saving towards securing their future with FINCA EDUsave savings account that comes with very attractive interest rate, access to school fees loan and many more.

FINCA Instant Savings Account

Safe and hassle-free savings for a secured future. Enjoy FREE unlimited deposits and withdrawals

Aspire Savings Account

Achieve your dream for a better future and earn interest higher than the interest on basic savings account

FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd Nigeria is part of the FINCA Impact Finance Network, a group of 21 microfinance and financial institutions that provides socially responsible financial services and enables low-income entrepreneurs and small business owners to invest in the future.
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