Success Stories

Eucharia Nwanguma

Eucharia Nwanguma, a widowed mother of six children had been selling yams and groundnuts with her late husband in the Onuwa Market in Owerri. Her husband would travel by road on long 14-hour journeys to northern Nigeria to purchase yams and groundnuts to sell.

Latest Stories

Jesca Makumbi


"I’m so proud to be part of FINCA family, and I believe without FINCA loans, my family life wouldn't be the way it is today. Every member in my family is proud to be part of FINCA because they cherish our success.”



I used my first FINCA loan to buy a sewing machine. The sun of luck started shining on the windows of our house! I kept on asking customers to bring clothes for me and I worked hard and tirelessly to take a share in feeding my small brothers and sister as an elder member of the family.

Margarette Nivose

"I am proud to be a FINCA client, and I love what FINCA has done for me and for other Haitian women. FINCA has helped me make a much better life for my family, and give my children a chance for a better future. Thank you FINCA!"

Higmatulo Karimov


Higmatulo appreciates the support he receives from FINCA, and plans on borrowing more in the future. “I am very proud that we don’t have to rely on the income from my son who works in Russia as our only income. With the help of FINCA loans, I’m able to provide all that my family needs.”

Josefina Figueroa Rigas

After 25 years, Josefina and the other women involved in the bakery faced an increasingly difficult financial situation. Thankfully, Josefina connected with FINCA Mexico officers who provided a small group loan that kept Panadería Chazumba afloat.

Rashid Ali

Rashid Ali

Rashid Ali describes growing up in a very poor household where his father struggled to support the family. Even though he was a good student, Mr. Ali decided to drop out of school and help his father.

Rosa León Martinez

When Rosa León Martínez first came to FINCA, she and her young children were struggling to get by. Rosa owned a small ceramic business, but, without the necessary capital, was unable to make a profit and get ahead.

Victoria Banda

Victoria's energy and determination combined with FINCA loans allowed her to improve her home, help her younger sister through college and acquire other property that provides her rental income. "I'm a landlord now! Can you imagine?"

Titiwa Mwanji

Titiwa is excited, not worried, because her business is booming. She is already talking about her next loan. She wants to open another store in a different market, selling the same products. Titiwa knows her business and, with a little help from FINCA, she is confident of success.

Ana Huayta

Not long ago, my son Mateo was playing soccer with his cousins ​​and, unfortunately, broke his leg. In that moment, I was desperate because I didn’t know how I would pay the hospital because I had no money.

Madina Namanda

Madina Namanda is a long-time FINCA client and a shining example of how the right combination of hard work, business instinct and access to financial capital can lead to great success. The mother of four owns and operates a thriving wholesale, commercial pineapple plantation in Uganda.

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